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About Us


Hey Mamacita, I’m Valentina Izarra and I am so thrilled that you are here. I have created Mamas Con Ganas for sexy mamas just like you who are looking to live a fulfilling life bursting with purpose or, as we prefer to say it, “Con Ganas.” Las ganas de motivarse, surgir y triunfar!


My mission is to motivate, uplift, and empower Latinas by providing content that is positive, inspiring and educational.

As you may have realized: aquí se habla Espanglish… Or is it Spanglish? Lol. This is not because I can’t write two sentences in a row in one language but because it is my idioma of choice when I am talking to my amigas Latinas que hablan los dos idiomas.


What can you expect from this community of utterly fabulous Latinas? Well for starters: No gossip and no negativity. There is enough of that on the web. I am here to lift you up and make you feel good, because you should. If the blog posts or videos here don’t make you feel pumped or energized, then I hope at least to bring a sonrisa to that beautiful carita of yours.
I aim to create a place where we can have the discussions relevant to our experiences as Latinas living in the US. Mamacita, did you know we are the fastest growing segment of the population in the US? Actually, Hispan Telligence reports that there will be 51 million Latinas in the US by the year 2050. And I am of the philosophy that this comes with a huge responsibility—the responsibility for each of us to be great role models for the future generations of Mamacitas.


So if you’re a sexy mama (if you’re Latina, you’re one by default) looking for a little inspiration, motivation and cool tips on how to live life Con muchas Ganas (you’ll have to be the judge of that), then join our network of inspired Mamacitas and accompany me thru this vida loca so we can grow together and inspire others to do the same.




Mi compromiso hacia ti no es la perfección. No pretendo darte todas las soluciones para llevar una vida perfecta. If there is something I’ve learnt, it’s that perfection does not exist. I am still navigating life while learning along the way. However, si te prometo puro corazón. This is my labor of love y compartiré contigo lo que me parece útil, inspirador y divertido. And one thing is for sure: I’ll write in this blog para mis Mamacitas Con muchas Ganas!


Un besote,



Meet Valentina- La Mamacita behind MCG