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Cómo sentirse bella siempre

How to Feel “Bella” Always

Creo que la clave en sentirse bella siempre está en reconocer nuestra belleza interior. But could it be that sometimes the message we receive is that looking good is more important than what’s in our heads? I know you mamacitas know what I’m talking about. Do you ever battle with the feeling that you have to look Oscar ready every moment of the day?


Hey Mamacita, on today’s webisode we’re talking about bringing some sanity into our Latin vanity. Porque quiero que reconozcas y aprecies lo bella que eres.

Let’s face it: Nuestra cultura Latina esta obsesionada con la cirugía plástica y con el Botox. You have to admit, as Latinas we are under constant pressure to look good and stay looking good and youthful until we basically DIE! (I can just picture Sophia Vergara say this in her nonchalant, matter-of-fact, yet dramatic tone #Lol) Maybe it’s because in telenovelas we’ve watched, all those women look IMPECABLE. Like even when the girl in the telenovela is in the hospital with a gunshot wound, she’s like a mascara and eye shadow Cover Girl. I mean seriously!


Sometimes I go out in my gym clothes porque no tengo ni el tiempo ni la energia to get dolled up but then there’s a voice in the back of my head that says in Spanish: “Pareces una loca! No, salgas asi. Maquillate coñ$$#! Trata por lo menos de lucir bella!” And I have to make the effort to not be so harsh on myself and understand that sometimes I have to be practical and try to love myself without the glitz and the glamour.


Ojo, no le veo nada mal al ponerse bonita y arreglarse y la cirugía plástica es magnifica when the decision to do it comes from a place of self introspection and maturity. Es mas, admito que cuando uno se arregla, uno se siente mejor. El problema viene cuando pensamos que nuestro auto estima depende de nuestro look.


Como sentirse bella siempre


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So here are 3 ways to finding a balance between taking care of yourself without having vanity consume your entire existence:


MCG_color_Isotipo  Be conscious of the message you are teaching the younger generation: I’m talking about our little sisters, nuestras primitas y por supuesto nuestras hijas. We can talk to our daughters about the importance of having a good self-esteem and how they are worthy and special…bellas. However, if we are constantly putting ourselves down and saying out loud how fat and ugly we look, what type of body image message are really we sending out? Like always, lo que importa no es lo que decimos si no lo que hacemos.

MCG_color_Isotipo  Stop judging others by how they look. Realize that when we are judging others we are in essence judging ourselves and that judgment reflects back on us. This does not mean letting yourself go but letting go of a mentality that makes you feel less then when you are not looking arreglada como una muñeca o como una Kardashian.

MCG_color_Isotipo  Keep in mind that looks can only get you so far. Keep being a sexy mama pero no olvides ejercer tu mente. Read books, edúcate, stay grounded. They weren’t kidding whey they said knowledge is power. Y el conocimiento te hará brillar desde adentro hacia fuera.


Share your thoughts with me below mamacitas. How do YOU find a balance between taking care of yourself and at the same time embracing the wisdom in knowing that ultimately what matters is what’s on the inside and not what we look like on the outside?


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Lots of love from me to you,



P.S. Does the scenario below sound familiar at all?


Your grabbing your purse about to leave the house and you say: “Mami, I’m going to pick up some stuff at the supermarket.”

Your mother screams back: “ Ay, mija! Espero que no vas a salir al supermercado así. Arréglate ese cabello por lo menos y ponte un poquito de maquillaje. Tienes unas ojeras! Nunca sabes si vas a conocer tu futuro esposo en el supermercado. Recuerda, no hay mujer fea, si no mal arreglada!”

Jajajajaja 😉


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