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Why the name Mamas Con Ganas? What does it mean?

We wanted something fun, catchy and in Spanglish. The mamas in Mamas Con Ganas is from the English slang word mama. We say “Hey mama!” or “What’s up mama?” When you do something with ganas or “con ganas” it means you do something with drive and motivation. That’s why mamas con ganas are mamacitas (which means pretty ladies) with drive or motivation. Therefore, our interpretation is Women with Drive, specifically with the drive to get motivated and succeed. And yes, we know the name “Mamas Con Ganas” can have different interpretations—some more naughty than nice—but it’s part of the charm and humor. For example, mamá in spanish with an accented á at the end means mother but the word by itself without the accent means breasts, as doctors refer to them.  So some people think it means breasts (as a symbol for women) with drive. Our spanglish slogan clarifies any doubts of interpretation: Don’t be a mama con drama. Let’s be Mamas Con Ganas! This can only mean: Don’t be a woman with drama. Let’s be women with drive! 


How was Mamas Con Ganas created?

More than a decade ago two Latinas became BFF’s while studying international business at Florida International University. One went on to pursue her dream as an actress; the other climbed the ladder in the sales corporate world. Their friendship flourished irrespective their geographic locations and diverse professions. In the spring of 2015 they had a revelatory conversation. To their amazement they discovered that they had been individually dreaming up an organization to motivate and uplift Latinas—Valentina for the Mamacita to discover her true purpose and find her Ganas and Wendy for the Working Mamacita to succeed in her career. Hence, they decided to join their efforts and formed Mamas Con Ganas to encompass the Ganas a Mamacita needs to live out every aspect of her life. Porque para hacer lo que sea, hay que hacerlo Con Ganas!


Why Spanglish?

We do our blog in Spanglish because it’s our idioma of choice when we talk to Latina-Americans like us. We are proud of our heritage and have also embraced the country that has opened its doors to us. We are among millions of Latinas in the US that consume media in both languages and we decided to put ourselves out there as our real bilingual selves. We understand the sensibility and importance of speaking either one or the other at work or other specific environments, but when we are at liberty, especially among other Mamacitas, we will speak to you in Spanglish.


Why do you address your audience as mamacita?

If you’re Latina; you’re a sexy mama. It comes with the territory.  No importa si eres de piel clara o oscura, de cabello rizado o lacio, gordita o flaca.  You’re sexy and you know it.


Can we work with you? How can we be involved in your network of mamacitas?

Please visit Work Con Nosotras.


Mamacita, do you have an idea for an upcoming MCG episode or is there a question you would like us to answer? If so Click here.