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How to Overcome Fear

Feeling the Fear Para Superar El Miedo

Let’s face it: if fear didn’t exist, we would be unstoppable and absolutely fierce all of the time. Pero la realidad es que la mayoría de personas le tenemos miedo al fracaso. We fear being ridiculed. We fear not being accepted or loved. Sometimes fear can be paralyzing because there seems to be a voice in our head screaming: ¿Quien eres tu para intentar eso?


Hey courageous mamacita! Today we’re coming face to face with our deepest fears and looking them dead in eye.


In the name of October, el mes de Halloween, and because today we are taking the brave step in launching this webisode (hope you like it mamacita): Here are 5 formas para superar el miedo.

MCG_color_Isotipo  First, you have to LET GO of your past. Know that you either let go, or you will be dragged. Libérate de tu pasado y mira hacia el futuro con entusiasmo.

MCG_color_Isotipo  Next, de ahora en adelante, make mistakes your best friends. Rather than sulking in your “mistakes,” take them as an opportunity to learn. Even Einstein said: Alguien que nunca ha cometido un error, nunca ha intentado nada nuevo.

MCG_color_Isotipo  Which brings to number three: The only way to diminish fear is to actually start doing that which you fear. The more you practice that which you fear, the less scary that thing will become.

MCG_color_Isotipo  Here I’m going to quote Joseph Campbell because he said it best: The Cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Light bulb moment. Ding! Mamacita, a qué le tienes miedo? AND What treasure lies beneath that fear?

MCG_color_Isotipo  Finally, the biggie: Keep the Faith. Ayúdate, que Dios te ayudara. This will help you focus on what you can control and then release all of the things which you can’t.


Overcome fear


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So here is a proposal mamacita: commit to doing something each day that scares you. Empieza con las cosas pequeñas y poco a poco vas a descubrir que tienes mucho mas coraje de lo que pensabas. And don’t judge yourself for your fears. Just know what they are and keep moving forward.


If you want to read more about overcoming your fears here is a book I ABSOLUTELY love and recommend: Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, Ph. D. It’s available in English y también en Español (Atrévase, aunque sienta miedo). So go ahead and check it out.

feel the fear


Te gusto este episodio? Compártelo mamacita! Y cuéntame, how have you overcome your fears? Queremos saber de ti, tus ideas y pensamientos en los comentarios abajo. 

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