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Overcoming Difficulties

Let’s face it: all of us encounter difficulties, trials and tribulations. Sometimes these challenges in life are so tough we feel trapped in a dark hole—afraid we’ll never see the light again. But as the saying goes: “This too shall pass”. I promise. In the meantime, I want to share with you 4 tips that will help you weather any storm.


4 tips to overcoming difficulties


Hey Courageous Mamacita,


I believe that the ability to get through a personal storm unscathed—or at least with the least amount of trauma possible—depends heavily on the shelter and equipment we chose to weather it.  A storm can take on many forms: a heartbreak, divorce, an illness, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, bankruptcy, immigrating to a foreign country… you fill in the blanks. And although each of these circumstances carries its own set of distinctions and peculiarities—just like a hurricane is different to a tsunami— there are universal practices that can help lift us above the fury of the clouds so we can bathe in the sunlight once again.


That is why I wrote this post: to share with you and anyone you share this with that might need it, the equipment that has helped me weather my storms. Te quiero asegurar mamacita, que después de la tormenta llega la calma. Serás capaz de recuperar tu paz interna porque Tu Sí Vales. Mientras tanto, aquí están 4 tips que te ayudarán a superar los momentos más difíciles:

¡Uno! Surround yourself by people who love you

 ❤️ First of all, it is crucial to be around people who support you and fuel you with the strength to keep going. Si no tienes a nadie en tu familia o en tu círculo de amistades con los que puedes contar, búscate un grupo de apoyo. You can find a support group at your local hospital, health care center, community center, university, or even online. As long as you feel these people have your best interest at heart and are nurturing you with encouragement. 


Overcome Difficulties

¡Dos! Surround yourself with positive content only

In addition to having a solid support group, make sure to watch things that are helping you recover your emotional and spiritual well-being—whether it’s a movie or an online video. I can’t emphasize this enough. Perhaps at this time there are certain topics or themes that bring you down. My advice is not to judge or overanalyze yourself for feeling this way. Just turn it off mamacita! Los expertos también sugieren no pasar demasiado tiempo en Facebook u otras redes sociales. Remember that what you see on social media are segments of people’s lives and only the aspects people chose to disclose. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking everyone else’s life is better than yours.

¡Tres! Do therapy

Another key component in recovering your emotional sanity during hardship is to engage in therapy. And if you can’t afford it, do your own therapy. Nowadays there are a gazillion self help or inspirational books that come with personal exercises you can actually do on your own. You can even borrow them for free at your local library. (Yes, including audiobooks.) If you are willing to take the plunge, and invest in your self-improvement, these books can literally transform your life for the better. Aunque a lo mejor no lo creas, hay una luz al final del túnel.


Overcome Difficulties


¡Cuatro! Turn off your internal noise

Finally, purposefully search for silence. Therein lies your inner peace. Turn off your TV and cellphone and try to enjoy several minutes in silence daily. It can be daunting at first because we have grown so accustomed to noise. However, slowly but surely, you’ll find yourself embracing silence, even taking refuge in it. A few minutes of silence can be a miraculous reset button for your soul. And if you can’t handle absolute silence, try listening to relaxing instrumental music instead.


Remember: “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow.”- Robert Tew


The struggles quote Robert Tew

Tweetea Tweetea: The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow.- Tew ‎@mamasconganas #life #challenges


I hope these tips have given you at least a little bit of Ganas to search for your inner peace and tranquility.


I’d love to hear from you. Déjanos tus comentarios abajo. I believe we are all connected and you might just uplift someone today by sharing your story and journey.


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