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Discover Your Self-Worth

Hey Mamacita, This week we invite you to discover your self-worth. If you've ever felt insignificant—like a tiny speck of dust in the universe—this video is for you. Admit it, sometimes our self-esteem seems to fly out the window y llegamos a sentirnos completamente irrelevantes. Pero Mamacita, you really do matter and here are the 5 reasons why:     ¡UNO! You are unique. Es decir, nadie más te puede reemplazar: no hay nadie como tú y nunca más lo habrá. You have unique talents, unique characteristics and unique beauty. Llega a conocerte a ti misma and discover all your...

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How to Invite More Happiness

Mamas Con Ganas #WestSideStoryMia Picture by George Schiavone

Happiness All Around #InternationalDayOfHappiness   Hey Mamacita, It’s no secret we want to invite more happiness in our lives. Pero por una razón u otra sentimos no poder alcanzarla. Tal vez nosotros mismos nos complicamos la vida y la respuesta es más simple de lo que te imaginas.   Recently, I had an aha-moment as I caught myself laughing wholeheartedly and breathing in gratitude. Nothing anyone had said had been particularly funny that day. However, my heart felt lighter and the bounce in my walk was somewhat daintier. ¿A qué se debía este cambio de espíritu? I was sleeping less,...

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Cómo sentirse bella siempre

How to Feel "Bella" Always Creo que la clave en sentirse bella siempre está en reconocer nuestra belleza interior. But could it be that sometimes the message we receive is that looking good is more important than what’s in our heads? I know you mamacitas know what I’m talking about. Do you ever battle with the feeling that you have to look Oscar ready every moment of the day?   Hey Mamacita, on today’s webisode we’re talking about bringing some sanity into our Latin vanity. Porque quiero que reconozcas y aprecies lo bella que eres. Let’s face it: Nuestra cultura...

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How to Overcome Fear

Feeling the Fear Para Superar El Miedo Let’s face it: if fear didn’t exist, we would be unstoppable and absolutely fierce all of the time. Pero la realidad es que la mayoría de personas le tenemos miedo al fracaso. We fear being ridiculed. We fear not being accepted or loved. Sometimes fear can be paralyzing because there seems to be a voice in our head screaming: ¿Quien eres tu para intentar eso?   Hey courageous mamacita! Today we’re coming face to face with our deepest fears and looking them dead in eye.   In the name of October, el mes de Halloween,...

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