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The Power of Accountability


A Priceless Tool:

In this episode of the Mamas Con Ganas Podcast I discuss the power of accountability.

I recently participated in a self-development training called The Landmark Forum and accountability was something they discussed at great length. Coincidentally, in the previous podcast I released, the word accountability came up as well when I interviewed Connie Tang, CEO of Princess House. She highlights accountability in her book Fearless Living: 8 Life Changing Values for Breakthrough Success. Connie is one dynamic and empowering mamacita and interviewing her was an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend you listen to that episode as well. Check it out here.



The act of responsibility demands that you be accountable to someone. In this episode I discuss the importance of holding yourself accountable. What good is it to be accountable to others when one is not accountable to oneself? When we hold ourselves accountable, only then, can we feel proud of ourselves. This sense of pride comes from responding to the expectations we have set for ourselves.


So what is required?

When we hold ourselves accountable, we take inventory for both our strengths and our shortcomings. We examine ourselves in an authentic and candid manner. This process takes great courage and vulnerability because it can be painful to examine our deficiencies and admit to ourselves where we’ve dropped the ball.  Our natural tendency is to become defensive, point fingers at others and find scapegoats. Let’s admit it, it’s much more pleasant to disguise and cover up our flaws. We like to store them away in an imaginary closet. God forbid they should see the light of day.




However, when we don’t hold ourselves accountable we are actually doing ourselves a great disservice.  Taking inventory of our weaknesses and examining where we tend to stumble, opens up the possibility of transformation. I’m not talking about minor change here. I’m talking about it being the catalyst to leading an extraordinary life.


The feeling of pride one can get from leaving a destructive habit, for example, is priceless.


So, listen to this week’s podcast and become the pilot of your life. Don’t settle as a mere passenger, Mamacita. Taking hold of the steering wheel is empowering and it will open up a world of opportunities, not to mention purpose. Plus, you’ll become a role model for others along the way.


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