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Discover Your Self-Worth

Hey Mamacita, This week we invite you to discover your self-worth. If you’ve ever felt insignificant—like a tiny speck of dust in the universe—this video is for you. Admit it, sometimes our self-esteem seems to fly out the window y llegamos a sentirnos completamente irrelevantes. Pero Mamacita, you really do matter and here are the 5 reasons why:




  • ¡UNO! You are unique. Es decir, nadie más te puede reemplazar: no hay nadie como tú y nunca más lo habrá. You have unique talents, unique characteristics and unique beauty. Llega a conocerte a ti misma and discover all your hidden potential and treasures.
  • ¡DOS! You are capable of sharing and spreading joy. En cualquier momento del día, no importa lo que estás haciendo tienes el poder de brindar felicidad a los que te rodean. At the supermarket, at work, at home, wherever. So like Oprah says: Be responsible for the energy you bring into a room.
  • ¡TRES! You have worth and you are worthy. Cada uno de nosotros venimos con un propósito y podemos añadirle valor a cualquier situación. Acuérdate que tu le puedes brindar a este mundo una perspectiva de vida única because you have lived unique experiences. So stop comparing yourself with others and know your true self-worth.
  • ¡CUATRO! You are capable of loving and of being loved. Dar y recibir el amor es lo que le da sentido a la vida. The miracle of love is what gives us hope, enthusiasm and purpose.
  • ¡CINCO! You can be a role model to others by leading with your words and actions. Ten en mente que todos influenciamos a los que nos rodean. Es cierto, habrán personas que no son amables but YOU have the power to be an example of kindness and positivity.



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So the next time someone tries to tell you that your opinion, vote or voice doesn’t matter remember you are more valuable than the purest of diamonds. Ojo, no hay necesidad de gritarlo, simplemente hay que sentirlo por dentro.


Por eso te sugiero que reflexiones e identifiques esas características que te hacen única. I also hope this article encourages you to register and vote in the upcoming elections. 😉 #VotoLatino


Me encantaría saber de ti. Have you ever struggled with self-worth or felt insignificant—like somehow you weren’t enough?


Comparte tus pensamientos en los comentarios abajo. I believe we are all connected and you might just uplift someone by sharing your story and journey.


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Gracias por leer y compartir con tanto amor y entusiasmo.


Lots of love from one Mamacita to another,





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